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About Unikks

The art & craft by UnikksArtography are unique, rare, attractive, engaging, pleasant and delightful that you would like to keep with you on your office desk or in your dream house. The Products Prepared at UnikksArtography will not available anywhere across any market.

What are
you looking for?

Personally customised, theme based pebble art along with a lovely message that you would like to convey to your loved one? Or a shell art which showcase real shells belongs to India's different beaches?? Or a string art where the colourful thread connects different points of life and makes a memorable picture?? Or something unique with a photograph of yours along with your loved one? ….we have everything that will suit your taste.

Picasso once said "everything you can imagine is real"... we are welcoming you to our world we will give you a miniature version of our imagination.

Our Shell Arts

Product design and behind the ideas- HANDMADE, REAL, FRAMED, MADE WITH LOVE & EMOTIONS…that you can gift yourself or your loved one in any and every occasion…

Mandala Art

A mandala in Sanskrit it means “circle” geometric design that holds a great deal of symbolism in Hindu & Buddhist culture. A circle,are sacred symbols


A Spring Afternoon

A spring afternoon – pebble art is our second most favourite stuff which loved by all our customers. This art begins with rock hunting and


Two Girls

Two girls – this particular piece of art is clearly describing two different relationships between two girls. A relation of bestfriends and sisters respectively.

Let's say - Shell Art

We begin with making an ocean like look and a part of seashore..we use Real Sands that belongs to different beaches of India like Arambol ,Goa or Aksa from Mumbai. We usually do that because people may have memories from places and might like to engage with those memories and all the lovely moments soulfully spent. The next part comes of shells which are real from Goa and Chennai to give all the magnetic and charismatic look to it. We place it carefully so that it should look like a real beach. Finally, the shell craft gets framework with suitable wooden frame. The complete piece of craft is ready to represent the blurred memories enchanting in front of you.

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